Comedy Magician
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Book a Professional Comedy Magician

Comedy magic:

It is not known why magic mixes so well with comedy. Perhaps it is because the crowd just is so amazed, that it is easy to let go and laugh, and just have a great time. Our comedy magicians use comedy that seemlessly integrates with their amazing magic rouitines. Their humour is clean, powerfull and memorable. The audience will be continually moving from states of delight and laughter to states of complete wonder and awe.

Book a comedy stage magician:

Our comedy stage magicians are of world class calibre. With years of experience and practice behind them, they are the masters of entertainment. Expect nothing less than the best comedy and magic combined to create thunderous applauds and standing ovations.

Book a comedy close up magician:

Most close up magicians have some good 1 liners, but we have expert close up comedy magicians. These magicians have learned the art of comedy and timing. They have the audience drawn in and completely captivated, as they smoothly and seemlessly integrate hilarious comedy magic..

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Comedy Magician
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