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What is a Mentalist?
A stage mentalist is a magician who performs amazing supernatural feats of mind reading, hypnosis, predictions, ESP, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, precognition. While experiencing a mentalist show, your reality becomes suspended. It leaves you mystified and wondering. You will experience awe and complete amazement. Anticipate new learnings, and being taken on a journey of fascination.
Wikipedia Mentalism definition

The Magic Circle Entertainment Agency:
Magic circle are specialists in providing the best mentalists nationwide. We at magic circle, pride ourselves in having the largest database of professional mentalists in South Africa.

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Great for theatres, festivals and corporate entertainment. Blow your mind with expert professional stage mentalists.

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If you were to imagine magic happening right in front of your eyes defying your reality in a world where seeing is believing. The magic circle invites you to find all right reasons to book our top close up mentalists.

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